For Insurance Providers

Square One works with a wide variety of health insurance providers throughout Northern California.

  • Square One provides ABA (applied behavioral analysis) programs for individuals up to the age of 22 with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Our services are provided in our clients' natural environments, including in their homes and schools.
  • Square One employs BCBA level consultants and has a LCSW on staff. 

Square One provides the highest quality service with the lowest net cost.

  • There is no tutor level staff within a Square One program.
  • Square One pairs a highly educated and experienced consultant with each client and family.
  • Square One's programs run at lower number of hours per week than tutor based programs.
  • Square One consultants spend a portion of their hours (typically about 75%) working directly with the child and the other portion teaching parents to apply the same ABA techniques.
  • Square One clients have an excellent rate of skill acquisition because we train the parents and other influential caregivers to apply ABA techniques with the child so skills are being taught during all waking hours, not just when a tutor is present.

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