For School Districts

Square One's services available to School Districts

Square One is able to provide assistance to school age students in the following areas:

  • Navigating playground politics and situations- direct instruction and coaching students in understanding the subtleties, unspoken rules and what takes place on the playground. Teaching ways to respond in unstructured settings using appropriate social ski
  • Teach and coach students in how to interact with peers and other students
  • Skill building, teaching, practice and application of social skills
  • Teaching students social thinking, theory of mind and perspective taking. Coaching them through practical application.
  • Being a “Social Detective” understanding unspoken rules and principles in social situations.
  • Lunch bunches—groups geared toward specific areas of interest with typical peers
  • FBA and FAA evaluations and consultation with staff in how to apply conclusions and recommendations in the classroom
  • Developing BSPs that work for schools and teachers
  • Square One believes in behavior analysis applied through natural teaching techniques and places a heavy emphasis on collaboration with the IEP team.

For more information call Laurie McKinnie at (916) 690-6985 or